Faculty of Medical Sciences Building

The Faculty of Medical Sciences, part of NOVA University of Lisbon, is established since 1977 in an important building for Portuguese medicine. Built for the Medical and Surgical School of Lisbon (founded in 1836), the building has an interesting artist program with medical themes, by main Portuguese artists from the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th. The building was inaugurated for the 15th International Congress of Medicine, held at Lisbon in 1906. The Medical and Surgical School of Lisbon was institutionally replaced for the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, in 1911 and it was this institution that occupied the building for years. In 1977, the Faculty of Medicine was created functioning in the building located at Campo de Santana. The Faculty has tiles, paintings and sculptures representing Portuguese and international History of MedicineĀ“s relevant personalities.

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