Ferdinando Palasciano's hospital

Capua’s Hospital, was named after Ferdinando Palasciano a surgeon born in Capua in 1815 and considered to be one of the putative fathers of the International Red Cross. Hospital Ferdinando Palasciano is located in Via Vito Nicola Melorio 1 in Capua. The Hospital is a part of the historical and monumental complex of SS. Annunziata, dating back to the House of Anjou. It unederwent various transformations during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Because the church and the convent ran the city stretch of the Appian Way (today Corso Appia), they were joined by a "covered bridge”running above the street and still existing. The complex was rebuilt in 1538 using amphitheater’s stones and respecting the canons of Renaissance. The church was enriched of a dome by Filippo Vitale.The building complex is formed by the union of three buildings, with horizontal structures dislivellate among them. The building, which is built around five square courtyards, is made of masonry and strong undamaged material consisting in tufa stone and hangings in more ancient limestone that alternate with columns and arched structures


  • The main entrance




  • "Covered bridge" that joins the church and the hospital


  • Photos by Aniello Foresta moc.liamg|atserofolleina#| (January 2014)

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