Ferdinando Palasciano's Tower

Ferdinando Palasciano lived in this house of Naples (Salita Moiariello, 53). He married a Russian noblewoman and after a while he decided to build this mansion on the model of a noble Florentine palace, with the typical tower that distinguishes it. This place hosted many intellectuals, artists, musicians, scientists, etc. Palsciano was a freemason and this place was a heart of freemasonry and esotericism (i.e. a Prince of San Severo resided at his home). This property was very important for Ferdinando Palasciano, in fact here he found his safety and his refuge from the torment and horrors caused by the wars. Ferdinando Palsciano died at the age of ninety and after his wife’s death the property was bought at a public auction by a lawyer from Bari named Palasciano (he was an homonym but hadn’t got the same origins as the Palasciano’s family from Capua). During the '990s this lawyer got ill and decided to sell the property to the current owners. This mysterious and mystic place that release a positive and magic energy was open to the public for the first time in 2011, thanks to the current owner who decided to inaugurate it with the occasion of the “Maggio dei monumenti”. Today the tower and part of the house are used as a Bed & Breakfast that offers to everyone the opportunity to get in contact and learn about a very important piece of history: the history of the man who was an inspirator for the International Red Cross movement.

  • Photos by Pietro Roccatagliata ti.liamtoh|49accoretep#| (December 2013), courtesy of Rosaria Russo

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