Filippa Mareri's chapel

Filippa Mareri’s chapel is adjacent to the Parish Church in the monastery in Borgo San Pietro.
There was a terrible flood in 1940, that did not destroy the chapel of the old monastery.
However, it was reassembled brick by brick, including its precious frescoes in the new monastery, located in a different place.


Filippa Mareri's new chapel, reconstructed after the flood.


Filippa Mareri’s tomb can be seen at the core of the chapel on the altar.
Filippa Mareri died in 1236.
In 1706 the competent authorities identified the mortal remains of the Saint and, surprisingly, found out that there still were all the bones of human body.


The elegant golden urn in which Filippa Mareri's body is preserved.


A closer picture of the tomb, below which is the reliquary with Filippa Mareri's bones.

  • Photos and main text by Gaia De Angelis moc.liamg|8991silegnaed.aiag#| and Greta Mollo moc.duolci|ollom.aterg#| (December 2018)

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