Filippa Mareri's fresco

This fresco of Filippa Mareri can bee seen in Filippa Mareri's chapel in Borgo San Pietro.
The fresco, dating back to the year 1450 a.D. shows Saint Filippa standing beside Saint Francis and Saint Dominic1, her cultural reference points and masters.
Filippa Mareri has a book in her hand because she was a cultured woman.


  • Photo and main text by Gaia De Angelis moc.liamg|8991silegnaed.aiag#| and Greta Mollo moc.duolci|ollom.aterg#| (December 2018)


  • Gaetano Passarelli, L'affascinante storia di Santa Filippa Mareri, tra Benedetto e Francesco, Città Nuova, Borgo San Pietro 2003, pp.148

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