Florence Nightingale monument

The most solemn and famous monument to the memory of Florence Nightingale is probably the one in Waterloo Place, London, which is a part of the Crimean War Memorial. It is a work of 1910 by British sculptor Arthur George Walker1.


"Erected in 1915, about 60 years after the war, it is unique among war memorials for not only commemorating the servicemen who lost their lives but in addition, the contribution of nurses and one in particular, Florence Nightingale. While this partly reflects the decisive contribution Nightingale made at the time and subsequently in civilian life, it may also serve to distract attention from the otherwise incompetent execution of the war by the leading soldiers and politicians involved.


The magnificent bronze statue of Nightingale stands on an ornate pedestal bearing four bas-reliefs illustrating her diverse roles: caring for injured; negotiating with politicians and generals; challenging medical and hospital managers; teacher and inspiration to nurses"2.

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