Istituto Nazionale Tumori IRCCS-Fondazione Pascale

The Pascale's Institute is a foundation involved in the research and treatment of cancer diseases. It is located in Naples (via Mariano Semmola 52) next to Federico II University. The name takes its origin from its founder and first President, Senator and doctor Giovanni Pascale, who gained international fame thanks to the research of new and effective treatments of cancer.

Istituto Nazionale Tumori Fondazione Pascale's Symbol


The first aim of the Pascale's Institute was hosting orphans in order to bring them up and to help them to find their place in the society. Then, it was annexed to the first surgical clinic of the University; now the purpose of the Institute is to discover new therapies in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer through scientific research and technological innovation.
The Pascale's Institute is particularly involved in oncological treatments, in fact it has been named as the National Institute of Cancers. The Pascale is the largest IRCCS Oncology in the South of Italy and is the Reference Center for national and regional oncology network.

Frontal view of the entrance


The construction of the Pascale's Institute began in 1934 with the construction of the first building in which, nowadays, can be found the research laboratories.

Frontal view of the first building


Map of the research laboratories


Subdivision of the main scientific research fields

From the 1936 on the Institute has gradually expanded in order to satisfy the always more increasing necessities of patients. As a matter of fact, the Institute today is divided in four different main areas : the research laboratories, the administrative offices, the hospital wards and the Day Hospital. Each area is located in a specific new and technologically developed building.

Map of the Hospital


Main structure of the Institute in which we are able to appreciate the division in four different buildings: the research laboratories (yellow area), the administrative offices (red area), the hospital wards (green area) and the Day Hospital (blue area).

Administrative offices


Hospital wards


Frontal view of the Day Hospital


The center of Naples division of the Cancers League is located inside the Pascale's Institute.

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