former Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas "Abel Salazar"

The Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas "Abel Salazar", one of the best Portuguese Medical Schools, was created in 1974 in Porto (Largo do Professor Abel Salazar, previously Antigo Largo da Escola Médica) and named after renowned physician and artist Abel Salazar.

The building is located very near the Hospital Santo António. In 2012 the Medical School moved to a new building, merging with the Pharmacy School, which also represents a symbol with reference to Salazar due to the fact that he lived under the dictatorship in Portugal and when he was no longer allowed to work as a physician, mainly due to his political views, he found a job at the lab of the Pharmacy School.

  • Photos and main text by António Miguel Santos moc.liamg|sotnasleugimoinotna#| (October 2018)

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