Fortunata Megale

This page lists items in the database related to Italian pediatrician Fortunata Megale (b. Cittanova Italy, 02 January 1932; d. Rome, Italy, 25 October 2014):


The Doctor Fortunata Megale had been a hopeful figure for all the long period of her activity. Even if the origins of her family were particularly humble she started following her studies with a big determination, thanks in part to the hard work of her parents and siblings, who always supported her. After having got her diploma, she entered the University of Medicine and Surgery in Turin where she graduated on the 18^th of July 1957, then achieving the specialisation in Pediatrics in 1959. She attended the department of Pathology at the “Ospedale Molinette” in Turin for a few time and from that moment on she started working, firstly in Bra(CN) at the "Casa di Cura Villa Jona”, in which occasion she became the assistant of the distinguished Italian surgeon Achille Mario Dogliotti and subsequently at the "Istituto la Nostra Famiglia" in Ponte Lambro (CO) of which she also became the Chief Medical Officer and at the "Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta" in Milan. But in 1960 she decided to return in her motherland, in Cittanova, succeeding in being the first female doctor specialised of the hole "Piana di Gioia Tauro". The passion for her job lead her to obtain another specialisation in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in 1977.


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