Fortunata Megale's consulting room

Near the house where Fortunata Megale lived there is her consulting room. There she carried out the activity of general medicine, starting at 06:30 a.m., and in the afternoon she welcomed all her little patients as a freelancer pediatrician. During her demanding job, she was always supported and accompanied by Rosalba, a faithful and estimable woman who is still working in the house as housekeeper.


The consulting room was equipped with this green couch, used by Fortunata Megale to let her patients lie down.


This is the medical bag of Fortunata Megale, which accompanied her during her long career and some instruments, such as one of her stethoscopes.


This picture is the witness of the small number of female students who entered the University of Medicine and Surgery at that time. Indeed, these are the photos of all the graduates of the University of Medicine and Surgery in Turin between 1956 and 1957, among who there were just 13 female students out of 76 total pupils and Fortunata Megale was one of them.

  • Photos by Diletta Versace ti.supmacla|ecasrev.attelid#| and Mariagrazia Zampogna ti.supmacla|angopmaz.m#| (December 2017)
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