Fortunata Megale's tomb

Fortunata Megale1 is buried in the family vault at the town cemetery, in Cittanova (Contrada Petrara). Although her firm and energetic personality, she was diagnosed a breast cancer in 1988, because of which she was forced to reduce the load of job. But bad news did not slow in coming, indeed, in 2007 she was diagnosed an intestinal linfoma, which had never been a justification to her working less than usual. With her typical decorum and generosity for other people she left an indelible sign. The death came to her on the 25th of October 20142 due to a stomach cancer. On the slab of marble you can see the following inscription: “LA MEDICINA LA SUA VITA, LA FAMIGLIA LA SUA FORZA, L’AMORE LA SUA ESSENZA.”

The vault of the family Depino-Megale


The memorial-tablet of Fortunata Megale's tomb


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