Francesca Antoniano

This page lists items in the database related to eminent Italian noblewoman, benefactress and hospital founder Francesca Antoniano (b. Putignano (BA), Italy, first half of '500 ; d. Putignano (BA), Italy, 20 july 1602):

Francesca Antoniano (born in the first half of '500 and died on the 20 july 1602), daughter of Palmitesso Antoniano and Potenza De Leris, widow of Giantommaso Pinto, was one of the richest noblewomen in Putignano , sister of the Brotherhood of Death and Prayer and typical example of the "pius benefactor", inspired by a religious need for atonement and a particular awareness for the lower classes.


Main text by Marco Rapaccini ti.evil|okkaicop#| and Massimiliano Depalma moc.liamg|69pedm#| (January 2016)


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