Francesco Folli's tomb (disappeared)

Francesco Folli asked to be buried in the Osservanti's church in Sansepolcro (Via Giovanni Buitoni, 12) but, unfortunately, nowadays, there's no more any sign of his tomb.1


The document reports Folli's request to be buried in the Osservanti's church, now preserved in Sansepolcro. 2

This church once was the oratory of the Saint Mary Magdalene society, an institution established in 1334 to protect prostitues and women in distress within a monastic life. In 1530 it became the church of the Minorites Observantes. The 16th century adaption implied the opening of the large stone portal of the façade (1559).
The monastery was suppressed in 1866 and housed the Tobacco Farming Agency since.
The painting from the 16th and 17th centuries wich enriched the altars are now kept in the Museo Civico; inside the building there is still a 17th century wooden ceiling parted in ortagonal lacunar with "Stories from the life of the Madonna’’ and figures of Saints painted on a remarkable specimen of the local woodcarving craftsmanship. The many restauration works have distorted the original structure. Walls and floors are no longer the originals and Folli's tomb is no longer traceable today.





Old planimetry of the church.


Ceiling carving detail of the 2nd floor.

  • Main text and photos by Chiara Goretti moc.liamg|79itterogaraihc#| and Chiara Palagiano ti.oiligriv|onaigalap.araihc#|, old planimetry of the church courtesy of Sansepolcro's municipality. (December 2017)


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