Francesco La Cava's birthplace

Francesco La Cava was born on 26th of May 1877 in Careri, a small village in the South of Italy. His birthplace is located in the main square that is now named after him. When he moved to Rome, the same house became the place where the physician spent his holiday and where people went to be visited.

The local writer Vincenzo Perri said: "La sua casa di Careri davanti alla Chiesa, sulla piazzetta che oggi porta il suo nome, era meta di speranza per quanti avessero casi difficili di salute da sottoporgli." (" His house in front of the Church, on the square that now is named after him, was a place of hope for those who had difficult cases of health for him").

  • Photos by Cristina Zito ti.liamtoh|39ipsirc#| (December 2012)

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