Francesco Lastaria's pictures

Francesco Lastaria, born in Lucera in 1860, graduated in Medicine at the University of Naples where he became an university teacher.
His life was eventful; first he was officer and then captain during the first African war in 1896,then he worked in Lucera as surgeon in the Old "Ospedale Santa Maria delle Grazie”, finally he attended the Schools of Reclus and Faure in Paris and then also the Hotel-Dieu for his training.
In this picture1 you can see his "austere, impetuous and aggressive character".- as his friend, Antonio Centore, said-.


During his exemplary life, he had many interests: first of all, for his medical profession, second for his hometown, last for the life and the nature… As a matter of fact, he used to admire the stars and the wonders of the universe from his terrace…from the passion for astronomy began the interest for metaphysical and philosophical researches…As a result, a strong fellowship with Camillo Flammarion, the wellknown French astronomer and scientist, began.

In this photo and in its details2you can see Lastaria and Flammarion in the Astronomical Observatory in Yuvisy in the 16th October 1921.



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