Francesco Prusciano

This page lists items in the database related to Italian radiologist Francesco Prusciano (b. Taranto, Italy, 7 November 1891; d. Taranto, Italy, 19 September 1954):

Francesco Prusciano was born in 1891 in Taranto. He graduated in medicine in Padua in April 1917. He took part in the World War I, during which he received an Honour Medal. During 1919-20 he took the specialization in radiology at the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples. He came back to Taranto and opened a Radiological and Radiotherapical study, largely known in Taranto and his Provinces because of the absence of other specialists in this area. He published many works about different medical themes in National and international scientific magazines, such as:

- "Un caso di metrorragia gravissimo guarito con la roentgenterapia, appsionante particolarmente il prestigio della nostra specialità" (1925)
- "Sul trattamento radioterapico della psoriasi con l'irradiazione della pelle con l'irradiazione indiretta" (1929)
- "La roengentgenterapia sulle ghiandole sessuali" (1930)
- "Esiti dell'intervento radioterapico in casi di clorosi" (1930)
- "Degl'inconvenienti della mielografia" (1931)
- "La patogenesi di certe tatalgie" (1933)

He took part in ther World War II from 1939 to 1945. During this period he suffered from the firsts symptoms of a radio-dermatitis caused by the continuous exposition to radiation that characterized his job. In 1948 he had the first surgical intervention at the hands; other interventions followed the first (1952-53-54). But he continued to practise his job until his health conditions permitted it. Radio-dermatitis took him to death, on the 18th of September 1954. The Medical Order of Taranto conferred at doctor Prusciano's memory the Golden Medal of Civil Valour. The Medical Order also instituted a student grant among the University of Bari for the best thesis in radiology of each year.

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