Fresco of Iapyx

The fresco, that is conserved in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale ( First floor, LXXIII hall), comes from the triclinium of the house of Siricus in Pompeii. It portrays Aeneas, being attended by the surgeon Iapyx, whose house seems to be, according to some neapolitan traditions The Surgeon's home in Pompeii. In the fresco, Aeneas supports himself with a lance in his right hand and leans with the other on the shoulder of his son while Iapyx, kneeling on one leg, is intent on extracting the barb of an arrow with his forceps.

  • Main view of the Fresco.

  • Details of the Fresco.
  • Photos by Filippo Bucciarelli moc.liamtoh|illeraiccuboppilif#| (December 2013)


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