Gaetano Rummo

This page lists items in the database related to Italian doctor and politician Gaetano Rummo (b. Benevento, Italy, 6 July 1853; d. Napoli, Italy, 11 May 1917):

He studied at the University of Naples where he graduated in medicine in 1879 . Two years later he unfairly failed the competitive exam in order to get a job at the "Ospedale degli Incurabili” in Naples, so he went to Paris with a scolarship.

When he came back to Italy, he taught at the University of Naples and he studied the cardiological problems and the nervous system.

He also taught at the Universities of Siena and Pisa. In 1892 he published the famous "Trattato di terapia medica generale", one of his major works; other important ones were "Compendio di terapia clinica" and "Lezioni di clinica medica".

He published a lot of essays and in 1855 he founded “La Riforma medica”, a medical journal that had an important role on the international scene.

During his studies, he focused in particular on the patologies later known as "Sindrome di Rummo" and "Sindrome di Rummo e Ferrannini"

In 1895 he was teacher at University of Palermo where he also became dean and he created the first modern clinical institute. In 1906 he came back to Naples where he died, in 1917.

Rummo was a municipal and provincial councilor in Benevento and a deputate of Italian Parliament. His most important goal was improving the economy in his region and his figure was celebrated in Benevento with the foundation of a hospital and a school, named after "Gaetano Rummo", and with some statues around the town.


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