Gaetano Rummo's bust by Ferrara

A bust of Gaetano Rummo, realized by the artist Ferrara, can be seen in the park of the "Scientific High School of Benevento" (Via Santa Colomba,52).
The school was institued thanks to the Royal Decree n°1915 of September 9th 1923 valid from October 1st 1923.
In december 1924, the administration of the Benevento Province proposed to name the school after “Gaetano Rummo”, who was a famous doctor and politician of the city and remembered for his professional and cultural activities.
The school changed his location through the years and has been in "Via Santa Colomba" since 1987.


The pictures show the bust of the doctor in the park of the school.

  • Photos by Alessandro Della Camera (January 2013)

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