Gino Iannelli

This page lists items in the database related to eminent Italian surgeon Gino Iannelli (b. Cetraro, Italy, 9 July 1898; d. Cetraro, Italy, 15 October 1948):


Short Biography

Gino Iannelli was born in a wealthy family in a small town in the district of Cosenza, son of Giovanni Iannelli and Maria Rosaria Battaglia.
His empathic attitude towards people led him to pursue a medical career and he graduated at the University "Federico II medical school" in Naples where he published several scientific studies thanks to the support and positive influence of his teachers.
Gino Iannelli married on October 28th 1922 to Carmen Occhiuzzi with whom he had 6 children (one of them died shortly after his birth).
He voluntarily enlisted during the First World War hoping to see all wars coming to an end, to be eventually appointed medical officer during the Second World War.
He refused the role of Chief Surgeon in Bergamo to help his own town people. In Cetraro, in collaboration with some other colleagues he inaugurated the first hospital.1

* Estratto per riassunto per atto di nascita, uff. Cetraro 11/01/2019.

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