Giovanni Battista Grassi's documents

Documents of Giovanni Battista Grassi displayed in the 'Sala Grassi', in Rome.

Giovanni Battista Grassi's desk with his main work 'Studi di uno zoologo sulla malaria' and newspapers that talk about his death.


The famous page of Grassi's work 'Studi di uno zoologo sulla malaria' dedicated to Patrick Manson.


The degree of 'Laurea Honoris Causa' awarded to Grassi by Leipzig University in 1908.1


Extracts of 'Nota dei Rendiconti della Reale Accademia dei Lincei', that demonstrates how Anopheles claviger is able to transmit malaria.2


Some extracts of the most important helminthology Grassi's works: on the ascaris (1878) the hookworm (1879), and Taenia nana (1887). Moreover there are two glass jars of helminth owned by Giovanni Battista Grassi.3


In the right-hand corner a picture of Giovanni Battista Grassi's bust, on the left a picture of Giovanni Battista Grassi in the ''bleakness of Fiumicino,in the Haunted Center of malaria, with miserable children.'' On the top a photo of Giovanni Battista Grassi's tomb in Fiumicino.

  • Photos by Francesco Saverio Loria moc.liamg|airolsocsecnarf#| and Filippo Crisci moc.liamg|79icsircoppilif#| (January 2017), courtesy of Prof. Ernesto Capanna and Prof. Castiglia Riccardo
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