Giovanni Leonardo Marugj

Giovanni Leonardo Marugj was a man of multi-faceted interests: medicine, logic, philosophy, poetry, math, ethic. In every scope he was able to produce publications of considerable interest and success for the period in which he lived. He had considerable success in the kingdom of Naples, where he was one of the representative of the Land of Otranto.
In the medical field he published treatises on topics of particular importance, arousing in the scholars of time considerable appreciation, also for his inspired use of encyclopedic-illuminists knowledge, and loads of them are preserved in Manduria's library (Library Marco Gatti).
He wrote:
- Le Malattie Flatuose (1787)
- Memoria sull'abuso di allattare i bambini col latte de' bruti (1789)
- Stato attuale delle scienze (1792)
- Capricci sulla iettatura (1787)

He was a highly esteemed doctor both in the palaces of the Neapolitan nobles, and in his hometown, where he lived until he was 83 years old.

Date of birth: 12/1/1753

About him:

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