Giovanni Pascale

This page lists items in the database related to Italian oncologist, Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, founder of The Cancer Institute in Naples Giovanni Pascale (b. Faicchio, Italy, 19 March 1859; d. Naples, Italy, 28 October 1936):


Giovanni Pascale was born on 19th march 1859 in Faicchio, province of Benevento, from Alessio who was a descendant of a local noble family. He received an education suitable to his census and his enrollment at the School of Medicine of Naples University Federico II was well accepted by his family.
He trained under some of the most famous luminaries of the time, among whom was Professor d’Antona that taught him surgical pathology.1
He graduated in 1884 and then he improved his skills at the Institute of Pathological Anatomy and various Surgical Clinics abroad.
Once back in Italy, he was health officer and later, in 1884, became part of Professor d’Antona School of Surgical Pathology.2
In 1896 he passed an open competitive public exam, concorso pubblico, and became director of the Surgical Department of Santa Maria della Pace Hospital, where he worked and was a great innovator in the surgical field thanks to the experience acquired while he was abroad.
In 1898 he became Professor of Clinical Surgery and went on teaching with such a prestige that, in 1900, his master reccomended him as Professor of Surgical Semiotics. This proposal was unanimously accepted by the Department board.3
Later on, he was appointed Adjunct Professor for the same discipline and then, the Department offered him the position of Adjunct Professor of Clinical Surgery which he went on teaching at the same time as the one of his master, Professor d’Antona.
His scientific publications, both in the field of Pathology and Clinic, were widely appreciated in Italy and abroad and many of them left a permanent sign in science and surgical practice.4
In 1919, Professor Pascale was appointed senator of the Italian Realm, following the path of his guide and master Professor d’Antona.
Pascale was also director of the School of Medicine of Naples University, member of the Superior Council of Public Education, president of the Italian Surgical Society and president of the Royal Academy of Medical Sciences.5
His great ambition, however, was to establish an oncological institute in Naples that could satisfy the needs of Southern Italy in the same way as Institute Vittorio Emanuele III did in Milan for the North and Institute Regina Elena did in Rome.
He first established a financial fund with a personal contribution of one million Italian Lire, and then organized a fund-raising activity finding several more contributors, among which Naples Town Council, Bank of Italy, Bank of Naples, Healthcare General Direction, the National Institute of Insurances and many more.
This is how Senator Pascale Foundation – no profit organization was established by a Royal Bill on 19th october 1933.
On 14th march 1934 started the construction of the building that would then house the Foundation, thank to the intervention of the Prime Minister himself who allocated 1.200.000 Lire.
Successively the first board of directors was appointed with Senator Pascale as president.6

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