Giovanni Ruffo

This page lists items in the database related to Italian physician, writer and patron Giovanni Ruffo (b. Bovalino, Italy, 13 december 1926; Milan, Italy, 16 july 2009):


«Who was Giovanni Ruffo? A great man. A man memorable for all those who knew him, a man of great heart and which we must not lose the memory. Son of the twentieth century, the century of great contradictions, ferried up to the twenty-first century, yet able to grasp the challenges of our time.»1

- A.M.Costa, “Summastru" Gianni - Ricordi di una vita, il Medico Ruffo di Bovalino - pp.30, 2009.
- P.Leone, Giovanni Ruffo - medico scrittore e mecenate.

- Oscar Sanguinetti, Storia e identità, Giovanni Ruffo (1927-2009), Istituto Storico dell’Insorgenza e per l’Identità Nazionale.

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