Giuseppe Antonini

This page lists items in the database related to Italian phsychiatrist Giuseppe Antonini (b. Milan, Italy, 17 November 1864; d. …….., Italy, 18 January 1938):

In the first part of his career he worked on criminal anthropology and studied pellagra. In 1900 he became director of the psychiatric hospital in Voghera-Pavia, and in 1902 he obtained the professorship in psychiatry in the university of Modena. He designed and organized the psychiatric provincial hospital of Udine. From 1911 to 1931 he worked as director in the mental hospital of Milan, in Mombello. During the First World War he worked as voluntary doctor, and coordinated a reserve military hospital in Mombello. In 1924 he was one of the founders of the Italian League of Mental Health, and from 1930 to 1938 he was its honorary president. He was also author of many works of medical interest.


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