Giuseppe Cavallera's memorial Palace

The Palace was first started to build in 1920 and completed on May 1922, the appellation of “palace” was given by Carloforte’s citizens, actually this building is a theatre with three galleries. At the beginning it was called “Casa del proletariato” (Proletariat’s House) but later it was dedicated to the memory of Giuseppe Cavallera for his devotion to boatmen’s battles. In 1998 it was declared national monument.


The Palace's hall door.


A detail of Palace's hall door:

"Memorie care di un buon tempo antico
queste pietre ad una ad una
la gente tabarchina pose
a innalzare amata casa comune
immane prova d'animi forti"


The bust of Giuseppe Cavallera is placed inside the theatre. Under the bust, the plaque quotes in Italian:
"Lavoratori di Carloforte:
restate sempre fedeli alle vostre gloriose istituzioni. E fate sempre che regni tra voi la più sincera e fraterna concordia.
(Dott. Giuseppe Cavallera, Carloforte 1922)"

  • Photos by Giuseppina Fais ti.ilacsit|19isuig#| (December 2013)
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