Giuseppe Moruzzi

This page lists items in the database related to Italian neuro-physiologist Giuseppe Moruzzi (b. Campagnola Emilia, Italy, 30 July 1910; d. Pisa, Italy, 11 March 1986):

Giuseppe Moruzzi was a brilliant Italian neuro-physiologist. He received his medical training in Parma. He entered the laboratory of Antonio Pensa (1874-1970),a brilliant researcher who was Camillo Golgi's closest collaborator. Golgi (1843-1926), Italian histologist, was awarded of the Nobel Price in 1906. Moruzzi was introduced by Pensa to the study of cerebellar granular cells and, at the age of 20, published his first work on cerebellum.
Thereafter he went to the laboratory of Mario Camis (1878-1946), where he became his assistant. Camis introduced him to the most important laboratory techniques and encouraged him to continue his researches on cerebellum.
Afterwards Moruzzi decided to spend some time in foreign laboratories in order to share other scientists' experiences.
At first he was in Bruxelles (1937-1938) at the laboratory of Frédéric Bremer (1892-1982), than in Cambridge with Edgar Douglas Adrian (1889-1977). During the Second World War he was enlisted as medical officer and so he interrupted his researches. After the Second World War, he was with Horace Magoun in Chicago (1948-1949).
Rita Levi Montalcini, one of the most brilliant mind in scientific research, was acquainted with Giuseppe Moruzzi during all their life.
From 1950's he lived in Pisa and worked at the 'Istituto di Fisiologia di Pisa', where he was entitled of Physiology's Chair.


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