Giuseppe Moscati's marble tablet

In one of the most peculiar chapels of the Chiesa di S. Nicola da Tolentino in Naples, where a small Lourdes Grotto is reproduced, we can find a marble tablet signed by the Saint physician Giuseppe Moscati in 1926. Actually it was the Saint himself who had this marble tablet been made as a memento of his gratitude to the Holy Virgin for Her intercession in a successful trial.The Latin inscription reads as follows: "VENI COLUMBA/ IN FORAMINIBUS PETRAE/ IN CAVERNA MACERIAE/ OSTENDE FACIEM TUAM/ SONET VOX TUA/ MONSTRA TE ESSE MATREM/ GIUSEPPE MOSCATI/ A. D. 1926".


In the same chapel there is another marble tablet which concerns Giuseppe Moscati's parents, Francesco and Rosa, who thanked the Holy Virgin of Lourdes for the recovering of their beloved daughter.

  • Photos and main text by Maria Francesca Pennarola moc.liamg|innepicam#| and Guglielmo Carignani ten.inangirac|omleilgug#| (January 2016)


  • Antonio Tripodoro, Giuseppe Moscati. Il medico dei poveri, Paoline Editoriale Libri, Milano 2004, p. 81

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