Giuseppe Moscati's tomb

The remains of italian physician and Saint Giuseppe Moscati can be found in the famous Jesuits' church of Gesù Nuovo1 in Naples. In view of a growing popular devotion, Moscati's body was transferred in this church in 1930, only three years after his death2: the original gravestone and inscription can still be seen on the right side of the church, just before the entrance to the Stanze Moscati.

After Moscati's beatification (1975), his body was transferred (1977) to its actual location, under the altar of the nearby chapel of the Visitation, in a bronze urn by the sculptor Amedeo Garufi3. The frontal of the urn is decorated with three scenes drawn by Moscati's life.

In the chapel there is also a statue of Moscati, now (August 2008) not visible because of works of restoration of the chapel.

  • Photos by Luca Borghi ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l# | (august 2008)

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