Giuseppe Moscati statue in the Cathedral of Benevento

In the Cathedral of Benevento (Piazza Duomo) there is a marble statue of Saint Giuseppe Moscati. The statue is 170 cm tall and it was realized by the sculptor Pietro Mazzei di Pietrasanta, thanks to the contribution of the “Associazione dei Medici Cattolici” and of a lot of believers. On September 25th 1977 the sculpture was blessed by the archbishop Raffaele Calabria and it is placed in a chapel on the left side of the Cathedral, where the Saint used to pray when he was in Benevento.


Picture n°4 shows the bust's pedestal, with the inscription: «S. GIUSEPPE MOSCATI / NATO A BENEVENTO / IL 25-7-1880»

  • Photos by Alessandro Della Camera (January 2013)


- A.Jelardi, Giuseppe Moscati e la scuola medica sannita del Novecento, Edizioni Realtà Sannita, Benevento 2004, pag. 74

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