Giuseppe Pianese's tomb

Giuseppe Pianese lies in a chapel, in the cemetery of Civitanova del Sannio (località Cimitero). The sarcophagus is made of Maiella stone and it's next to Giovanna Cardarelli’s tomb. In 1933 Giuseppe Pianese suddenly died in the workplace. He left his last effort, defined by his son as a "revolutionary work", unfinished. Despite the pathos of his family, he said about the death of a collegue that it is better to die as a soldier on the battlefield :«death first than fatigue»1.


Giuseppe Pianese's chapel

  • Photo and main text by Silvia Larocca ti.supmacla|accoral.aivlis#| and Silvia Schiavone ti.supmacla|enovaihcs.aivlis#| (December 2018)

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