Giuseppe Rosati's home

This is the house where Giuseppe Rosati lived until 1° September 1814, when he died. It is located in the centre of Foggia, at n°10 of "Vico Ricca".

The municipality, to remind posterity the distinguished citizen, placed on his house a memorial stone, where it can be read:

"In questa umile casa / Visse meditò scoprì / Tanti utili veri / Giuseppe Rosati / Filosofo medico agronomo matematico // Il consiglio comunale / Perché a tutti ne fosse conservata / La cara ricordanza / Questo segno nel 1875 / Riverente poneva"

"In this humble house / Lived meditated discovered / Lots of useful truths / Giuseppe Rosati / Philosopher doctor agronomist mathematician // The town council / So that the memorial was preserved / This signe put on 1875"

  • Photos by Francesca Magarò moc.liamg|49mf.acsecnarf#2102|

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