Giuseppe Rossi

This page lists items in the database related to Italian physician and chemist Giuseppe Rossi (b. Celenza Valfortore, Foggia, Italy, 16 November,1908; d. Siena, Italy 28 July, 2005) :

He was born in Celenza Valfortore. At the age of 4, he fully lost the use of his right eye for a corneal leukom. This handicap didn 't prevent him from continuing his studies. He attended the college in Macerata and completed his studies at the “High School Visconti” of Rome. In 1930, after a private course, he graduated in industrial chemistry which enabled him to work and pay for his own studies. He became a pharmacy student and,in 1932, he finished his studies in Siena. In 1938 he attended the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Siena and after two years he became a doctor. In 1947 he competed to become a doctor in Celenza Valfortore so he became a family doctor of the countryside. He was assigned as a health officer in Celenza Valfortore. This role enabled him to cure and prevent some epidemic diseases. He died at the age of 98 and his body was buried in the Cemetery of Celenza Valfortore.


- A. Fratangelo, Ricordi di un medico: Giuseppe Rossi, Tipografia Senese, Siena 1993, pp. 146

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