Grammar school "Luca De Samuele Cagnazzi"

Grammar school "Luca De Samuele Cagnazzi" in Altamura (Piazza Zanardelli, 30) is located in a structure which, together with the adjacent church, forms the complex of the former Convent of St. Dominic (XVI sec.). It hosted the Regional Seminar (1849), that in 1860 ceased its activities to make room for Technical and Classical schools with an annexed Boarding school, that was active until 1956. Technical Gymnasium Institute was founded in 1861. In 1867, the institute was named after Luca De Samuele Cagnazzi (1764-1852), an archdeacon, a mathematician and the inventor of tonografo (the instrument used to measure the vibrations of sound). In 1886-87 the Technical schools became public.

Giuseppe Oronzo Giannuzzi attended the Seminar and Boarding school Cagnazzi until he was 18 years old and he distinguished himself in his determination and strong will1.

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