Grimm's wax models

In the Anatomischen Museums Basel there are some anatomical wax models made by Christian Grimm.
Grimm used as a template with natural products. With only partially heated, partly molten, colored wax muscles, ligaments and tendons, different organs and structures were modeled and simulated blood vessels.
In the example shown, there are the masticatory muscles, the facial muscle groups, various organs and tissues.
Cranial nerve, the facial nerve, shown in remarkable weather fineness. Some ganglion are formed freely.
The wax models can be viewed in the "Moulagentechnik" as a special feature, on the one hand because of the historical significance, on the other hand, because of the peculiar and rare art.


  • Photos and main text by Federica Mansi ti.supmacla|isnam.aciredef#| and Isabella Fioretto ti.orebil|otteroif.asi#| (January 2015)

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