Guido Baccelli's marble bust (1)

This marble bust of Guido Baccelli was made by Enrico Tadolini (1888-1967) at the beginning of the twenthiet-century and it is called Busto di Guido Baccelli. It is stored by the Comune di Roma (Storage MC 73) in Rome.

First of all the bust was located in the Palazzo Senatorio (Campidoglio), (Rome). Approximately thirty years ago was moved to the storage of Musei Capitolini in Ostiense, Rome.


Enrico Tadolini (1888-1967), Busto di Guido Baccelli, twenthiet-century, marble (Storage MC 73)

  • Photos by Comune di Roma, on kindly concession of Mrs. Masini and Mrs. Simonetta Sergiacomi

Storage place:

  • Roma, Museo di Roma, deposito dei Musei Capitolini.

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