Guido Baccelli's memorial tablet

A new inscription to the memory of Guido Baccelli as the founder of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome has been carved on a old blank marble tablet at the base of the great chimney that once served the thermal power station of the hospital and which today remains as an archaeological evidence of the past.

At the initiative of the Policlinico's general manager, Domenico Alessio, the Italian inscription, added in 2015, remembers some words of Baccelli said on the occasion of the cornerstone ceremony of January 19, 1888: "QUI VERRANNO / I DERELITTI DELLA FORTUNA A SENTIRE I BENEFICI / EFFETTI DI QUELL'AMPLESSO IMMORTALE CHE SI DARANNO / CARITÀ E SCIENZA".

  • Photo by Sara Tittarelli (April 2017)

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