Hendrik Jozef Rega

This page lists items in the database related to Flemish physician Hendrik Jozef Rega (b. 1690; d. 1754):

"After obtaining a medical degree in Leuven, and further studies in Paris, Rega was first appointed to the Chair of Chemistry in 1716. In 1718 he took a doctorate and, 1 year later, was appointed as professor primarius in clinical medicine. In 1719 and 1722 he served as rector of the university, twice for half a year as was then customary. HJ Rega was not only a scientist and a builder (part of the University Hall is still known as the Rega wing), but also a general practitioner, treating the wealthy and the poor, and having the reputation of kindness towards his patients. It is mainly because of the existence of the Rega Institute that the name and fame of this remarkable figure of the early 18th century is still alive"1.

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