Henrick van Tongheren's tombstone

The tombstone is in the Saint Dymphna’s Church in Geel.
Picture of the tombstone of Henrick van Tongheren, who died in Geel in 1448, depicting the Madonna with the child, St. Catherine and St. Dymphna brandishing a sword and crushing a demon with her body. It is one of the first figurative representations of Saint Dymphna. She already possesses 3 of its 4 characteristic attributes: crown (symbol of martyrdom, virtue and royalty), sword (the instrument with which she was threatened and then killed), crushed demon (i.e. while she prevails over the one who, according to legend, had caused her death and which, according to medieval beliefs, was among the causes of the suffering of people with neuropsychiatric disorders).


Another photo of the object: http://balat.kikirpa.be/photo.php?path=X001262&objnr=71471&nr=1

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