Historical inscription of the British General Hospital

“Officer Mess 98 Br.Gen. Hospital” is a faded writing posted on the exit door of the Polyclinic of Bari and it is referred to the 98th British General Hospital, a military sanitary English structure which had been receiving the survivors of the consequences of the mustard gas for over two years, during the Second World War. On December  2nd 1943 the terrible gas was widespread in the port of Bari after the German bombardment of the English military ship John Harvey, loaded with mustard gas. The British General Hospital had 1200 beds, which became 2000 until the end of the War. There were also some operating rooms and here, for the very first time, penicillin was broadly used.

  • Photos and main text by Alessandra Di Nardi ti.oohay|idranidardnassela#| and Maria Luisa Di Giesi moc.liamg|iseigid.lm#| (December 2017)
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