Historical Section of the Public Library "Sacharov" in Saluzzo

The Palace of the Bishops in Saluzzo (in the ancient "Contrada Carrera", now “via Alessandro Volta”) hosts about 17.000 volumes of the historical section of the local Public Library "Andrej Sacharov". The city of Saluzzo acquired several book collections from the convents suppressed during the Napoleonic age, from institutions such as the “Circolo Sociale”, from illustrious individuals like Giambattista Bodoni and Silvio Pellico and from other prominent figures such as Canon Giuseppe Borda, physicians Giovanni Battista Eynaudi, Tommaso Laugeri and Ulderico Verrone, historian Giuseppe Manuel di San Giovanni, notary Pietro Boveri. Saluzzo’s Historical Library is the repository of a book heritage which has a great importance for the history of medicine. The medical collections testify cultural fervor and financial resources, as well as antiquarian bibliophily. A large section of these collections is dedicated just to the surgeon Vincenzo Malacarne.

  • Photos and main text by Serena Buzzi ti.otinu|izzub.aneres#| (June 2017)

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