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This ancient hospital is located in the historical center of Seville (Plaza de los Venerables, 8) in Spain. It was originally a hospital but, after some restoration works (1987-1991), it has become the headquarters of a Foundation where several exhibitions, concerts and seminars are held. Initially, the main idea was to rent a place to shelter and take care of the poor, sick and handicapped priests. However, in 1673 this Brotherhood decided to carry on the mission initiated by the Hermandad del Silencio (Silence Brotherhood) by founding another hospital similar to the previous one. As a result, the new founder, Justino de Neve, ordered in 1675 the construction of a residence for the venerable priests which ended only in 1697. Justino de Neve became the canon of the Seville Cathedral and consequently was buried there. The institution was financed thanks to the Brotherhood funds, people's charity and the support of the monarchy. However, in 1805 the risk of bankruptcy was really high and in 1840 the Hospital became a textile factory forcing the transfer of the priests to a chamber at the Hospital de la Caridad. Fortunately, in 1848 the Royal government gave the Hospital back to its previous owners. Later, in 1987, the Brotherhood and the Archbishopric of Seville made a deal with the Seville tourist center and the art Foundation FOCUS-Abengoa.The Foundation was allowed to use this premise as its headquarters for a certain period of time, in exchange for the payment of the restoration works.


The cloister


The Iglesia (church) of the hospital. The church was built in 1689 and it is devoted to San Fernando (Ferdinand III of Castile, the first Christian King who lived in the Alcazar after conquest of Seville by the Moorish). Its walls and ceiling were entirely painted by Juan Valdes Leal and his son Lucas Valdes.

  • Photos by Irene Nunziata (September 2013)


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