Hotel Auronzo

During the First World War Ugo Cerletti gave military service in Auronzo di Cadore; he has sometimes visited the Hotel Auronzo (via Roma, 30) because it was used as headquarters of the military command.


On the left you can see Ugo Cerletti in a balcony of the hotel and behind him the "Tre Cime di Lavaredo"; on the right there is the same view and you can also see the hotel's decorations which are equal to those in the old photo.

  • Photos and main text by Chiara Doganiero ti.orebil|oreinagod.araihc#| and Barbara Fanton ti.liamtoh|notnaf.arabrab#| (December 2016), courtesy of Bruno Marcuzzo and Cerletti's Archive


  • B. Marcuzzo, G. De DonĂ  and W. Musizza, Sei Mesi in Guerra sulle Dolomiti, Edizioni DBS, Belluno 2014, pp. 142
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