How to add a new item

If you want to add a new item to Himetop, please verify that:

  1. you have already a Wikidot account
  2. you have already joined Himetop
  3. you have suitable photographic and bibliographic material

If so, you can use the following checklist:

  1. choose a title for your new page, write it in the box on the left panel and click on "new page" (go to the Tutorial)
  2. write in the new page a short text in English describing your item (go to the Tutorial)
  3. create at least two links: one to the general page dedicated to people relevant for the item and one to the page of the city in which you can find the item, followed by the exact address in brackets (i.e.: ''This bronze bust of Alexander Fleming can be seen in London (Harley Street, 48)'' (go to the Tutorial)
  4. rename and number the images of your item according to this format: "William Harvey's monument, Edinburgh - 01", "William Harvey's monument, Edinburgh - 02", "William Harvey's monument, Edinburgh - 03", etc. (go to the Tutorial)
  5. resize big images to an approximate size of 800-1000kB (go to the Tutorial)
  6. click on the "Files" button and upload your images following the instructions (if you use the 'old uploader' you have to upload the images in reverse order: xy - 03, xy - 02, xy - 01…) (go to the Tutorial)
  7. insert the uploaded images in the page using the "insert image wizard" button in the "edit" palette (for other possibilities with images see here) (go to the Tutorial)
  8. add additional informations (photos credits, link to Google Maps and the "comments" section) by copying them from an existing page (go to the Tutorial)
  9. click on the "Tag" button and insert one or more appropriate tags for your item (i.e., museum, monument, birthplace…) (go to the Tutorial)
  10. click on the "Options" button and then on the "Parent" one: insert in the box the name of the town or of the main place to which your item refers (i.e., New York, Paris, Rome… or Rome Medical Museum, St. Thomas' Hospital…) (go to the Tutorial) If the town page doesn't already exist, you have to create it first (see this example);
  11. insert the link to your new page in the appropriate town page;
  12. insert the link to your new page in the appropriate "type" page (see the existing categories in the dropdown menu at the top of the page;
  13. send an e-mail to ti.ilacsit|ihgrob.acul#rotartsinimda niam potemiH and ask him to add the link from your new page to the appropriate Google Map.

You can find more help in Wikidot Quick Reference or in Wikidot Documentation & Help pages

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