Istituto di Fisiologia di Pisa

The Istituto di Fisiologia of the University of di Pisa is located in Via San Zeno 31-33. It's one of the branches of the University of Pisa Biology's Department, where students can attend physiology courses and join laboratory research classes. When, in 1950 Giuseppe Moruzzi was entitled of the Human Physiology Chair by the "Università di Medicina" of Pisa, the institute developed impressively. The institute was located in an old building in historical city center and it was like many others European institutes of research in the early XX century. As in American and British's institutes, the physiology department was physically divided in a lot of laboratories. It was one of the first laboratories in Europe being fully equipped for electrophysiology.

Facade of the 'Istituto di Fisiologia'


Electrophysiology laboratory

The electrophysiology laboratory used by Moruzzi. This laboratory was also used by all his successors until new technologies were developed.


Both Moruzzi's laboratory scientific researches in cerebellum micro-physiology and sleep-waking mechanisms experiments, performed by the same laboratory were essential in scientific research.


Inside the insitute we can still see places where Moruzzi used to work:

Moruzzi's family brought to their house in Parma the most part of Moruzzi's works and tools.


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  • A special greatings to the 'Istituto di Fisiologia di Pisa', especially to prof. Diego Manzoni and Livia Iannucci.
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