Istituto di Patologia Generale in Palermo

The Institute of General Pathology

The Institute of General Pathology in Palermo (Corso Tukory, 211) has over one hundred years of story; it was founded in 1906 thanks to the initiative of Arnaldo Trambusti, Professor of General Pathology at the University of Palermo since 18981.


The story of the Institute

The engineer Luigi Bruno designed the Institute of General Pathology2. The first foundation stone was laid in 1903, but it was inaugurated only on the 12th of January 1906 with Adolfo Venturi who became the first head master3. The structure is situated on the corner between Corso Tukory and Via dei Benedettini4, right next to the bastion of Porta Mazzara, dating back to the period of Sicilian Vespers and being the actual place from where the garibaldini's attack started, in 18605.

In 1925-26, Professor Alessandro Amato introduced the course regarding General Pathology to expand the scholarship of the university. However, it was Arnaldo Trambusti to be the first professor of this course being a qualified pathologist with a consolidated fame, not only in the city of Palermo but also in the international medical world6. A memorial tablet was dedicated to him to commemorate his achievements in the field of General Pathology: nowadays it still possible to admire Arnaldo Trambusti's memorial tablet in the Aula Magna7.

Due to the restoration work, which began in 1960, only a portion of the interior decoration of the period it is still part of the current structure. In the historical library, for instance, it is possible to see didactical tables which are evidence of the teaching method of the early XX century.8. In spite of these modification, the building has retained its original function; in fact it continues to be attended by medical students of the University of Palermo.



The achievements

The Institute of General Pathology edited numerous publication throughout those years and several of which were of considerable interest for Science. In collaboration with other Institutes, it conducted experimental researches on the development of tumors, on the thyroid hormones and on the "L" shape of the bacteria which, at the period of its foundation, was a very debated argument. However, the greatest achievement for the Institute was the chance to host the XV National General Pathology Congress in 19559.

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