Istituto Gaslini plaster models

Italian architect Angelo Crippa, designer of the Istituto "Giannina Gaslini" in Genoa, made two plaster models of the hospital, the first one in 1929 and the second at the time of the inauguration, in 1938. Unfortunately, the first model seems to have disappeared some times ago even if in this page we can offer some old photoso of it. The second one still exists and can be seen in one of the beautifully frescoed rooms of St Jerome Abbey, next to the Institute.

The first plaster model (1929)


The second plaster model (c. 1938)

  • Photos by Luca Tedeschi and Raffaella Camusso, courtesy of the Istituto "Giannina Galsini" (May 2015)

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