Istituto Medico-Pedagogico

The Istituto Medico-Pedagogico (Medical Pedagogical Institute) was opened by Maria Montessori in December 1899 and inaugurated on 24 April 1900 in the area of San Lorenzo in Rome (via dei Volsci, 10).

In the Institute, Maria Montessori started her pedagogical work that lasted two years1 with fifty feebleminded children that were moved from a mental hospital to observe and educate them.

In Montessori's biography by Grazia Honegger Fresco we can find what Maria Montessori said about this experience: "Having been to Paris to study the education of feebleminded I set myself to work with children and directing the work of educators (…) these two years of practice are my first real title in terms of pedagogy."2

In the actual building nothing remembers the presence and activity of the great physician-pedagogist.

  • Photos by Flavia Filippi ti.supmacinu|ippilif.aivalf#| (November 2011)

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