James Clerk Maxwell's home

As remembered by a Blue Plaque on the facade, James Clerk Maxwell lived in this house in London (16 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington) from 1860 to 1865.

"The Maxwells rented a house in the smart new residential district of Kensington. This gave James a vigorous 4 mile walk to work [King's College, in the Strand] on fine days, with the alternative of a horse-drawn bus ride. Nearby was the great green space of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park - a fine place to stroll and to ride. Katherine [Maxwell's wife]'s pony, Charlie, also made the long railway journey down from Glenlair and, once he was settled into stables from which James could hire a horse, they rode most afternoons. At the top of the house was a big attic, just the place for James' experimental paraphernalia. Neighbours across the way were alarmed at first to see the two of them spending hours in this room, peering into what looked like a coffin, but it turned out to be James' new and bigger colour box, about 8 feet long, which they had put near the window to get the best light"1.

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