Jan Mikulicz-Radecki's monument

On May 27, 1909, this bas-relief depicting Jan Mikulicz-Radecki was unveiled near the entrance of the Surgical Department of Wroclaw Medical University in Wrocław (ul. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 66). The surgeon, who had died four years before, is represented in a medical white coat, seated in an armchair. The goddess Hygieia, Asklepios daughter, puts a laurel wreath on Mikulicz's head, while Athena, goddess of wisdom, points her right hand to Mikulicz. Mikulicz spent the last fifteen years of his creative life in the nearby clinic that was for those times one of the most modern in Europe1.

  • Photos and main information by Magdalena Mazurak lp.pw|karuzam-aizdam#| (March 2018)

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